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Intellectual Property Claims

Intellectual property rights
KYKU respects and protects all intellectual property rights. If you found something infringes your intellectual right, you can contact us.
Email address:
Please provide below information to prove your case when you email us:
1. Your name and contact information(Phone number, Address)
2. Complaint reason: Trademark/ Patent / Copyright
3. Description of your complaint
4. Intellectual property right certificates
5. Related product links.
6. A written confirmation from you stating everything you said is correct and true.
When we receive your email, we will review your complaint and reply you within 72 hours.

1.Any natural person, institution or organization shall not be allowed to complain to KYKU with the sole purpose of malicious intent. Otherwise, KYKU will retain the right to pursue malicious complainants' torts.
2. Exemption
To any third party who uploads pictures, advertising or selling goods through the site, according to the " DMCA"(Digital Millennium Copyright Act), KYKU does not assume any responsibility for infringement of intellectual property, of copyright, trademark right or patent right.


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